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Simple Methods To Get Rid of Rapid Ransomware V3 virus From System

Rapid Ransomware V3 virus

Complete Summary of Rapid Ransomware V3 virus

Name of threat : Rapid Ransomware V3 virus
Type of the threat : Ransomware
Risk impact : Very high and dangerous
Affected Windows computers : It affects different versions of Windows computers including Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and Win 10.
File extension name  used : Powerful algorithm AES-256
Harmful traits : It damages your personal PC files and demands huge ransom money to get back each of them.
Distribution methods : Through spam email messages, exploit kits and so others.
Removal possibility : To avoid such harmful traits, try virus scanner tools.

Rapid Ransomware V3 virus is another dubious infection. It has been classified under the lists of ransomware family which is capable of attacking your Windows-based systems. It has been programmed at the beginning week of May 2018. Being a part of file encrypting application, it deploys sophisticated encryption algorithm AES-256 to locate your files and replaces their extension name with .Rapid file extension. At these moments, you will detect your several file categories like musics, video, PDF documents, word files and other important files. After their encryption procedure, Rapid Ransomware V3 virus just drops a unique ransom note on your desktop

On the other sides, the ransom note generated by Rapid Ransomware V3 virus severely prompt up on your system screen in form of unreliable text file. Apart from these suspicious actions, this variant of file locking virus will create a special text file named as How Recovery Files.txt. After that, you will see a number of fraudulent warning messages notify victims to transfer 0.7 Bitcoins to the cyber criminal team in order to get data decryption key. Not only send the money, it will force you to email Rapid Ransomware V3 virus’s authors through strange email address named as demonslay335@rape.lol. In real, the developers will not provide genuine decryptor application through which you cannot unlock your precious files. That’s why, you must use strong data recovery tool to restore your vital files. Thus, it is very important to get rid of Rapid Ransomware V3 virus from your system.

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