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Elimination Process of GPGQwerty Ransomware from the PC

PGQwerty Ransomware is the dangerous file-encrypting virus that comes in the category of ransomware. It is mainly created by cyber criminals with the main intention to extort money from the innocent users. Cyber security researchers noted that it was first observed in the beginning of March, 2018. Once it enters, it will use an executable file named as gpg.exe to encrypt your various file or data and demand ransom for its decryption key. It uses the advanced encryption algorithm to encrypt the file and append the file name as .qwerty extension. After encryption, it will create a ransom note in TEXT format named as README_DECRYPT.txt and drop it on the computer screen. According to the ransom note, it contains a short message about encrypted files or payment method to buy decryption key.

GPGQwerty Ransomware

Cyber criminals behind this ransomware demand ransom in the form of Bitcoins in exchange for decryption key and encourage users to buy it from designated wallet address. The cost of the decryption key is 0.1 Bitcoin which is currently equivalent to 1127.36 USD. They can also warn the users that if you not make payment in given time and want to remove this virus then you will permanently lose your file. Through this crypto-threat, criminals monitor your online activities and steal your privacy for misuse. GPGQwerty Ransomware is mainly spread via spam email attachments, via exploit kits, p2p file or network sharing, freeware and shareware downloads, visiting suspicious sites like porn and torrent sites and much more.

After successful infiltration, GPGQwerty Ransomware makes new registry entries in Window Registry to achieve high-level persistence that can allow other malware infection in the system. It can also block Window Firewall and other security tools to be undetected. It is strongly recommended that never make any type of payment to the cyber criminals. It is not sure that you will successfully receive decryption key after making payment. Once you make payment, you also support their malicious business. Therefore, it is highly advised you to remove GPGQwerty Ransomware immediately from the PC.

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